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Achieve your potential with Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System

Suitable for the WHOLE Family, Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System [KRMAS] is a dedicated and dynamic system of Martial Arts Classes, suitable for adults and children of all ages and all levels of ability, from Pre Schoolers to older Adults.
Our wide variety of Martial Arts classes include:

Kids Karate Classes (Little Ninjas) A FUN and all-inclusive age group specific classes suitable for years 3-12 to help gain confidence, self-respect, personal protection skills & social behaviour.

Teens Karate: A class developed to encourage young adults being brought up in a modern tech-going society. With so much online bullying, peer pressure and exclusiveness, The teen karate class offers a welcoming environment, that gives advice, a shoulder to lean on if necessary and most of all, a good sense of comradery with teens of a similar age, to train and release some pent up energy, or just clear the head.

Self Defence Classes (Be your own body guard): Empower yourself with our easy to remember “real-life” techniques, aimed at assisting you to either avoid, deescalate or rapidly respond to an assault situation. These are run as group classes, female only self defence classes or pre-organised group or family classes.

Children’s, Men and Women’s Muay Thai - Kickboxing: Are you looking for a fun way to improve your fitness, whilst offering practical self-defence techniques and strategies for everyday life? Our Muay Thai classes range from children’s classes aged from 6 years, to adults wishing to compete, to women wishing to train in a women-only self defence class.

MMA Sanda: Whilst improving your overall fitness, this dynamic and exciting blend of Combat Submission Wrestling, no Gi Grappling, Judo, traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu and SANDA which translates Kung Fu Full Contact Free Fighting, will take you to the next level. You could be the next Australian National Team member representing your Country on the World stage.

Join our ever growing Martial Arts Family and change your life for the better!

We say the Family that Kicks together Sticks together!

KRMAS has 26 locations across the ACT, NSW and QLD, Go to our Locations Menu for further details.

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