Making  Good People Better

Kids Karate Classes

A FUN, and all-inclusive age group specific designed program, suitable for years 3-12, to help gain confidence, self-respect, personal protection skills & positive social behaviour. 

Teens/Adults Karate Classes

Traditional Okinawan Karate, Kenpo and incorporating Japanese Jiu Jitsu covering all aspects of self-defence skills and strategies from the ground up. 

Kickboxing/ Muay Thai Classes

Authentic traditional Muay Thai classes as taught in Thailand. Are you looking for a fun way to improve your fitness, whilst offering practical self-defence techniques and strategies for everyday life? 

MMA Sanda – Combat Kung Fu

 SANDA translates to Combat Kung Fu, which is full contact, free fighting martial arts and forms the base syllabus for the KR MMA Sanda – combat kung fu class which also includes combat submission wrestling. 

Reach your potential with the

Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System

Suitable for the WHOLE Family, Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System (KRMAS) is a dedicated and dynamic system of Martial Arts Classes, suitable for adults and children of all ages and all levels of ability, from Pre Schoolers to older Adults with classes conducted in age appropriate groups.

We have four key dedicated stand-alone syllabuses. KR Little Ninjas – Karate just for Kids, KR Karate for Colts [teenagers] and Adults, KR Muay Thai – Kick boxing,  KRMMA [Mixed Martial Arts] incorporating SANDA, truly making it one of the leaders in today’s popular Mixed Martial Arts realm. In fact KRMAS was a pioneer in the area of Mixed Martial Arts decades ago and continues to develop and provide Industry leading realistic programs.