4 Bellbowrie Street
Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Ph: 02 6584 1050   Mob: 0407 248 648

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About KRMAS Port Macquarie

Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System – KRMAS offers many programs that will fit your family’s needs.

From our awesome Pre - Schoolers program to Teens and Adults of all ages you will achieve the benefits of greater health, fitness, confidence building and self-defence awareness!

Like many of our dedicated Families, your Family can enjoy great Family Bonding through training in Martial Arts with KRMAS.

BOOK your Introductory Lesson NOW, and take your first step to your brand new life TODAY!


Dojo Instructor
Kaichō Kevin Blundell Hanshi




  • Chief Instructor/Founder Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System
  • 8th Dan Black Belt in Kenpō
  • 4th Dan Black Belt in Traditional Karate
  • Ajarn Head Teacher in KR Muay Thai
  • 1st Kyu Brown Belt in Judo
  • Diploma of Fitness and Diploma of Sports Coaching
  • Level II Government Accredited Martial Arts Coach
  • NSW Combat Sports Authority Professional Official & Trainer
  • National Development Manager SANDA Kung Fu Federation
  • NSW President Kung Fu Wushu Federation
  • Senior Vice President Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA)
  • Started training in 1969
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