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Kumiai Ryu (KRMAS)

Hanshi Kevin Blundell Kaicho founded Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System in July 1989 when at that time he had already clocked up over 20 years of regular Martial Arts training in several Martial Arts disciplines including years of hands on experience in the Security Industry where he held a Master Security Licence.

From these humble beginnings of just 3 locations with less than 50 members to now decades later with over 20 locations home to nearly 2,000 active members across the ACT, NSW and QLD, KRMAS has grown to become a highly regarded, respected industry leader in the Martial Arts Industry around the World!

KRMAS offers many programs that will fit you and your family’s needs. Mums and Dads not only will you achieve the benefits of greater health, fitness, self-defence skills and strategies more importantly you’ll experience family bonding all conducted by our dedicated team of Government recognised accredited Instructors who are here to assist you reach your Martial Arts Goals and achieve Black Badge or Black Belt Success in all facets of your life!

A centre piece to KRMAS is the self-defence skills and strategies that are incorporated into every program. Offering realistic training in a range of situations and scenarios relevant to this era is vital, for the way you train is the way you will react in a real situation.

KRMAS Government recognised accredited Instructors are highly motivated, dedicated professionals with a range of Martial Arts and Fitness Industry experiences and qualifications. From Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma, Associate Diploma through to University Degree qualifications in Health, Fitness, Coaching & Sports Science’s to back up their decades of hands on relevant Martial Arts experience.

Hanshi Kevin Blundell Kaicho
  • Chief Instructor/Founder Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System
  • 9th Dan Black Belt in Kenpō Karate
  • 4th Dan Black Belt in Traditional Karate
  • Kru-Head Teacher in Muay Thai
  • Senior Coach in Sanda-Combat Kung Fu
  • Brown Belt in Judo
  • Diploma of Fitness
  • Diploma of Sports Coaching
  • NSW Combat Sports Authority Trainer & Official
  • Director Australian Coaching Council Ltd
  • Level II Government Recognised Accredited Martial Arts Coach
  • Level II Government Recognised Accredited Kung Fu Coach
  • National Development Manager Sanda-Combat Kung Fu
  • Oceania Development Manager Sanda-Combat Kung Fu
  • Board Member Educational Funding Company
  • Started formal Martial Arts training in 1969
Includes 2 weeks unlimited class + a Karate uniform OR Pair of Boxing Gloves (each valued at $60.00)