Making  Good People Better

Being a Karate or Junior Muay Thai Parent


Here are some helpful tips on how you as a dedicated parent can help your child succeed, gain confidence & develop the skills they will need on their Martial Arts journey from White Belt or no Badge to the highly–regarded KRMAS BLACK BADGE OR BLACK BELT.

Children should associate KRMAS with feelings of success, pride and confidence. Always compliment your child after each and every class. Recognition of a task well done, no matter how small, can make a huge difference to your child’s confidence!Be there to watch your child at least once every three weeks to see how your child has progressed.

  • When you are invited to watch class, be interested! It’s a well-known fact that kids who DON’T give up typically have parents who take the time to show their support with assisting in their child’s martial arts learning.
  • Get into a regular schedule as much as possible so your child can mentally prepare for class. Leave the TV off after school, and don’t schedule games or play time before KRMAS classes. If there is time to spare before class, make this their chore time!
  • Help with their “KRMAS homework” at least twice a week by visiting the new KRMAS WhiteBelt APP and go to Curriculum.
  • Attend presentations, gradings and other Club events and bring along your relatives and friends. Your child has put in a lot of dedication to achieve their goals, so celebrate their achievement with them!
  • Have your child and any guests follow and reinforce the Dojo Etiquette which can be found on the KRMAS WhiteBelt APP
  • Lead by example. Eat healthy, drink water, stay active and have a positive attitude. Deal with stress and challenges the same way you would like your child to and they will follow your positive lead.
  • While you are at the Dojo, give yourself a well–earned break from your phone and other mobile devices for the duration of the KRMAS class. Your child will love to see you watching them!
  • At the conclusion of the lesson, please feel free to ask questions of the Class Instructor about your child’s progress. However, please be mindful of time constraints.

At times your child will not want to attend classes for a variety of reasons. This is where positive reinforcement using some of the following strategies will assist you and your child to overcome this small obstacle in their Martial Arts journey.

  • In some instances there may be an underlying issue, such as a new baby at home, moving house, changes at school etc. Please advise the Class Instructor if any major changes have recently occurred that may impact on your child, as they can often help overcome feelings of anxiety by positively focusing on your child in class.
  • When your child does not wish to attend school or other important events, what are some of the strategies that you currently employ to ensure they do attend? You may be able to use the same ideas to help them along their martial arts journey.
  • While we all lead extremely busy lives with many competing demands, withdrawing your child from their Martial Arts tuition is akin to taking them out of swimming lessons before they can swim well enough to save themselves! KRMAS is a life–changing and life–saving skill program where some perseverance by dedicated parents now will see positive results in the long run as your child gains confidence for life, school and sport!

An occasional, kind, positive word to the Class Instructor will be very much appreciated, as they are doing their very best for your child.

At KRMAS, our goal is to give students as many opportunities as possible to learn, grow & have an enjoyable, rewarding experience and to be a positive influence on their entire life now & in the future!

Includes 2 weeks unlimited class + a Karate uniform OR Pair of Boxing Gloves (each valued at $60.00)