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Kids and Adults Martial Arts Classes in Beecroft

Beecroft: Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System – ‘KRMAS’ offers many programs that will fit your entire family’s needs, from our awesome Kids Martial Arts Karate Program to our Adults Karate and Muay Thai.

We will help you and your family achieve the benefits of greater health, fitness, confidence building and self-defence awareness!

Train individually or like many of our dedicated students, you can include the whole family and enjoy great bonding time through training in Martial Arts at Beecroft Sydney with KRMAS.

BOOK your Introductory Lesson NOW, and take your first step to your brand new life TODAY!

Dojo License Holder

Andrew Stevens


  • Owner and Dojo Instructor KRMAS Beecroft
  • 5th Dan Black Belt KR Karate
  • Purple Level 2 KR Muay Thai
  • Bachelor Degree in Sports Coaching
  • Level 1 Government Accrediated Martial Arts Coach
  • Started training in 1980

beecroft kids martial arts classes

Thanks Andrew! Absolutely love your Muay Thai lessons. Using muscles I never knew I had and gaining self defence knowledge at the same time. Can't wait to come back!
Andrew was Lithgow student of mine many years and is a fine martial artist
Go along try it out, you’ll enjoy it
Includes 2 weeks unlimited class + a Karate uniform OR Pair of Boxing Gloves (each valued at $60.00
Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System!
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