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Kids and Adults Martial Arts Classes in Parkes

Parkes: Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System – ‘KRMAS’ offers many programs that will fit your entire family’s needs.

From our awesome Kids (Little Ninja) Martial Arts program, to our Karate, Muay Thai, Weaponry and Sparring classes, we will help you and your family achieve the benefits of greater health, fitness, confidence building and self defence awareness.

Some our speciality classes include Traditional Weapons (Kobudo), Xtreme Martial Arts (XMA) for Graded KRMAS Students and specialised corporate or community personal protection and self defence courses.

We will help you and your family achieve the benefits of greater health, fitness, confidence building and self-defence awareness!

Train individually or like many of our dedicated students, you can include the whole family and enjoy great bonding time through training in Martial Arts at Port Macquarie with KRMAS.

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Dojo License Holder

Shihan Dave Schulze


  • 5th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate
  • Green Level 2 KR Muay Thai,
  • KRMAS technical advisor for traditional weaponry

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After six years of training at Kumiai Ryu - Parkes i have achieved my first black belt! Shihan David makes learning martial arts fun & productive! I have never looked back, Thanks guys!
I would highly recommend this sort of training, because it definitely builds up your confidence. And you also learn new skills every week
I've been training with Kumiai-Ryu Martial Arts System for 8/9 years and have enjoyed every moment of it. Your training partners become your friends, and then your brothers and sisters. From when I first started and continuing on, I am welcomed with a friendly, accepting atmosphere and some of the best people I have ever met in the wider Kumiai-Ryu family. I first started because I was shy and bullied a lot but as the years went on, Kumiai-Ryu has shown me how to deal with conflict and become more confident in myself. I now continue training with Kumiai-Ryu because of a developed passion for the martial arts and our philosophy of a "union" of all types of martial concepts derived from various styles without bias. "Respect all, Fear none."
Absolutely awesome , my son has been doing it for approximately 6 months now , the level of skill the instructors have is unbelievable, the care and patience shown by David is next level, I would recommend this class to anybody wishing to further develop their child personal development , skills and fitness , boys or girls .... do your self a favour and join now Well done David keep up the awesome work !
My son really enjoyed his first night tonight thank you so much.
My 3 children have been doing Kumiai Ryu for over 10 years now. My 2 boys got their black belts last year and my daughter is grading later this year for her black belt. I have seen them grow in confidence and maturity. Kumiai Ryu is a fantastic association of which I'm proud to be a part of
2495 intro price
Includes 2 weeks unlimited class + a Karate uniform OR Pair of Boxing Gloves (each valued at $60.00
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