Kids Karate and Martial Arts Classes

Get the kids off the iPads Get them kicking our Pads

Do you find your child just sitting in front of a computer for hours on hours, with very little social interaction or exercise each day? With our purposefully designed Kids Karate classes, suitable for Pre-Schoolers - 3 years to 12 year olds, your child not only gets out of the house for some much needed exercise, but also will gain confidence, community and social values, development of self respect, respect for others, team work, personal protection skills, behaviour & social control, self worth & goal setting for life just to name a few.
The program uses traditional martial arts teachings, techniques and learning to develop these skills, which allows the student to enjoy a sporting content and game play within the structured learning.

The classes focus on empowering the child with a wealth of information about healthy lifestyle choices to help combat childhood obesity and teaches the child the skills and self values needed for them to be able to successfully drive this lifestyle choice for themselves.
We focus on safety awareness and teach important strategies for those children vulnerable to bullying. We work in close partnership with parents. Parental support and participation is paramount to ensuring the positive messages received in class are being reinforced at home and that the child is encouraged to continue with their Martial Arts Journey to reach their full potential.

For your peace of mind and your child’s protection, all of our Instructors are Government Accredited, NCAS qualified and have met the requirements of the various State and Territory Child Protection Acts.
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