KR Karate

kr karateKR Karate is a dynamic program steeped in tradition yet highly relevant for today’s society. Incorporating Japanese Jiu Jitsu covering all aspects of self-defence skills and strategies from the ground up.

Our unique program perfectly blends traditional Okinawan and Japanese Karate, Kenpo, Kyusho Jitsu and includes applications from Philippine Combatives. 

As you progress you will also learn traditional Weaponry and Kata [set forms] with practical self defence applications [Bunkai].

Our highly popular Karate classes caters for students 13 years an up is well patronised by young adults through to folk in their later years of life looking to complete their Martial Arts Karate journey or to challenge themselves trying something brand new.

The KR Karate program is a terrific stress relief, builds sconfidence, self-worth and helps combat the constant pressures of study, work and Life.

KR Karate ensures you are setting ongoing goals to challenge yourself, enhance your knowledge and skills as you progress through this dynamic Government Accredited program. Train for Fun or work your way through our Internationally recognised Belt system all the way to becoming a KRMAS Black Belt!

As members of the NSW & AUSTRALIAN KARATE FEDERATION you or your Child could be a future Olympian!


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