KR Muay Thai

Muay Thai or Thai Kick Boxing as it is commonly known in the West is a fantastic fun way to improve your fitness whist offering practical self defence techniques and strategies for the domestic enviroment. Whether you are looking to improve your fitness in a new dynamic way, gain confidence, wishing to compete or for self defence KR Muay Thai will satisfy all!

At KRMAS we have trained many students to become State, National and International Champions in Muay Thai. YOU may be the next Muay Thai Champion!

KRMAS regularly takes training trips to Thailand to learn from the founding masters of Real Authentic Muay Thai which we bring home to you in your Home Town.

KRMAS has a 30 year relationship with the World famous Sityodtong Thai Boxing Camp in Pattaya City Thailand 

Get Lean and Fit, learn self defence techniques and strategies OR if you have the desire become the next Champ with KR Muay Thai all this and more can be achieved with this awesome program!

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KR Muay Thai program is suitable for all ages - children from six years old to our dedicated Womens only class, Mixed Adult Classes to the Combat Sports Fighters Club!

Dont hesitate book a trial lesson today and start a brand new way of life!

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