KR MIXED MARTIAL ARTS INCORPORATING SANDA, is a dynamic and exciting blend of Combat Submission Wrestling, no Gi Grappling, Judo, traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu and SANDA which translates Kung Fu Full Contact Free Fighting.

KRMAS has always trained in all facets of self-defence from the ground up, is well placed and experienced when it comes to the ground game and provides you with a dynamic overall comprehensive Mixed Martial Art.

You will find your strength, conditioning and overall fitness will improve rapidly as you work your way through our highly regarded MMA - Sanda syllabus learning a range of dynamic skills, realistic drills and technical sets.

Our dedicated Senior Instructor team holds Black Belts in all the above disciplines and drawing on their years of extensive experience allows our team to take you from raw novice to expert!

Having produced many successful competitors in these areas, KRMAS can take you to the top if you are desirous to compete in Mixed Martial Arts or SANDA! You could be the next Australian National Team member representing your Country on the World stage in SANDA!

 More information on SANDA Competition here

Alternatively if you just wish to greatly improve your overall fitness, gain new skills then our comprehensive KRMMA SANDA Syllabus will ensure you reach these goals!


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