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Adults and Teens Karate & Martial Arts Classes

- Reduce Stress
- Build Confidence
- Get Fit
- Make Friends

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Age and weight are just numbers

Come on in, we'll get you fit

Do you need an outlet to reduce stress, build confidence, help combat the constant pressure of study, work and life, all whilst getting fit in a friendly group environment. We welcome people with all ages, shapes and sizes, so the only step you need to take it to show up and get started.

Our Adults ad Teens Karate classes offer a dynamic program steeped in tradition yet highly relevant for today’s society. Incorporating Japanese Jiu Jitsu covering all aspects of self-defence skills and strategies from the ground up.
Adults and Teens Martial Arts Lunge Punch

Our unique program perfectly blends traditional Okinawan and Japanese Karate, Kenpo, Kyusho Jitsu and includes applications from Philippine Combatives. 

As you progress you will also learn traditional Weaponry and Kata [set forms] with practical self defence applications [Bunkai].

Our highly popular Karate classes caters for students 13 years an up is well patronised by young adults through to folk in their later years of life looking to complete their Martial Arts Karate journey or to challenge themselves trying something brand new.

What are our members saying?

Krmas it's the perfect place to go for kung fu moves

Many exciting and challenging activities through the year and top teachers! Keep up the great work!

The Kumiai Ryu Family is a great community to be apart of. We love training and being involved with the lovely staff, instructors and students of the Port Macquarie dojo. Its values are awesome and... Read More

What a great club! Everyone is so friendly and supportive. People of all ages. The instructors are great! Loving it!

Most amazing dojo with amazing trainers and staff .
Everyone is welcoming and helpful i highly reccomended for all ages.
Great for fitness, self defence and meeting wonderful people.

I have known Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System Port Macquarie as a client of ours since 2007. Coming from a Martial Arts background, I am suitably impressed with the long-term, consistent dedication and... Read More

It is special place to find yourself apart from everyday life. Friendly and professional team becomes family who is there to help you grow through the struggles to achieve your goals . Always... Read More

The KRMAS people are fantastic and dedicated. The dojo is professionally run which adds a whole other level of respect to what it is they do.
My daughters and I do a mixture of Karate and Muay Thai,... Read More

If your looking for a friendly and encouraging place to start your martial arts journey then Kumiai Ryu is the place to go. With classes for Children & Adults it becomes a fantastic environment for... Read More

Words can’t express my gratitude of how Kumiai Ryu has change my life. Before starting with KRMAS, I used to smoke at least 19 cigarettes per day. Drank over 6 can of energy drinks a day, never... Read More

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Our Karate classes ensure you are setting ongoing goals to challenge yourself, enhance your knowledge and skills as you progress through this dynamic Government Accredited program. Train for Fun or work your way through our Internationally recognised Belt system all the way to becoming a KRMAS Black Belt!

As members of the NSW & AUSTRALIAN KARATE FEDERATION you or your Child could be a future Olympian!

Teens and Adults Karate Class Group
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