Self Defence

Be your own Body-Guard

Do you want to feel safe and confident walking down the street? And have the ability to defend yourself, your family or your friends if needed. Stand up and protect yourself with our self defence classes.

Statistical evidence indicates that unfortunately one in two of us will either be verbally abused or physically assaulted in our lifetime, this will have an ongoing effect on the person involved regardless of the outcome or level of abuse or violence imposed upon them.

Each KRMAS Location conducts regular courses or as required for people of all ages and ability, including our highly regarded Ladies only Self Defence course. You can organise a group of friends or relatives [minimum 10] and we can arrange a specialised course at one of our facilities or we can come to you for a short informative self defence course! The courses are conducted in a professional, yet easy to understand way thus ensuring the participants acquire a better understanding of a range of suitable and applicable responses when faced with an aggressive person or a difficult situation.

KRMAS and its team of dedicated, Government Accredited, professional Instructors have conducted the highly popular "Be Your Own Body-Guard" self defence course to 1,000's of participants across Australia including and not limited to school children, government and corporate work place employees, personal protection courses for Business Executives, strategic people management courses for security industry personal, self-defence course for social groups, friend groups and family groups.

Each Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System program has an extensive array of excellent self-defence skills and strategies included. Our specifically designed and focused short self defence courses can also provide invaluable useful information to participants.

Our "Be Your Own Body-Guard" self defence short courses are delivered by our highly trained experienced Instructor team who have worked or served as Police, Military, Protection and Security personal and can offer you a range of simplistic skills based on their hands on experiences to assist you to either avoid, deescalate or rapidly respond to an assault situation.

"Making good people better." ;)

No better place for Fitness, self defense and competition at an elite level.

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