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Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System!

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Includes 2 weeks unlimited class + a Karate uniform OR Pair of Boxing Gloves (each valued at $60.00)
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Looking for a program
that 'Kicks' all the boxes this Spring?

Make new friends and have a great time.

Why Kids LOVE
Unlock your child’s potential...

Develop an active lifestyle and improve your confidence with two weeks of Karate or Muay Thai classes in Townsville today!

Give your kids the opportunity to join a community, learn to stick up for themselves and develop self-confidence, strength and martial arts skills, all in a safe, fun and friendly environment.

The perfect offer to boost confidence in a fun and welcoming atmosphere.

Commonly Asked Questions

Our Karate perfectly blends traditional Okinawan and Japanese Karate, Kenpo, Kyusho Jutsu and includes realistic proven self defence applications from Philippine Combative, including traditional Weaponry.

We teach authentic Muay Thai, and have direct lineage with the Sityodtong Muay Thai Camp in Pataya City in Thailand.

Our unique program perfectly blends traditional Muay Thai and Western Kickboxing to offer you a great fitness and self defence program with measurable goals

Once you sign up for the 2 week trial you or your child will be issued a brand new uniform upon arrival at the studio.

For your peace of mind and your child’s protection, all of our Instructors are Government recognised, via the Australian Sports Commission, relevant National Sporting Organisations Accreditation and have met the requirements of the various State and Territory Child Protection Acts.

Absolutely not, in fact it has been proven time and again that their other interests are enhanced greatly by the skills acquired through Martial Arts training with Kumiai Ryu.

Our classes cater for all fitness levels. Just come along and give it a go, we’re sure you will enjoy it!

Our dedicated staff have many strategies to engage our younger members which have encouraged them to really join in!

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Kumiai Ryu Martial Arts System!
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