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Unveiling Muay Thai: Your Top 6 Questions Answered

 🥊 Q & A about KR (Kumiai Ryu) Muay Thai 🥊

Q: Does Muay Thai have a specific “style”?

A: Generally speaking, Muay Thai encompasses various styles. At our KR Muay Thai gyms, we follow the Sityodtong Style, a style which emphasises patience, good technique, and a more clinical technical approach. Different gyms may focus on aggression, specific techniques like elbows or knees. Sityodtong style is excellent for beginners, promoting a gradual learning curve and ensuring calmness under pressure as you advance.

It’s worth noting that at its peak, the Sityodtong Boxing Gym in Pattaya City was a highly successful producer of numerous world champions and served as the foundational gym for hundreds of Muay Thai gyms worldwide!

Q: Can you get qualified in Muay Thai?

A: Yes, qualification varies by gym. After a certain period, you may be awarded the title of “Kru,” based on fights you had, skill sets learned or displayed, and how you promote the art or that Gyms particular style of Muay Thai. It’s not just about winning fights but also translating acquired skills into effective teaching and enhancing people’s lives thorough Muay Thai.

Q: What about older individuals wanting to learn Muay Thai?

A: We recognise that not everyone within our KR Muay Thai community desires to compete. In fact, among our 980+ members, less than 10% express an interest in competitive bouts. As a response, over 25 years ago, we introduced a grading system. Initially met with scepticism within the industry, it’s interesting to note that many have since adopted their versions of a grading system. Our system tracks progress through the issuance of different coloured badges upon the completion of set gradings. It guides individuals through a comprehensive Muay Thai syllabus, covering all aspects of Muay Thai and Muay Boran. This not only provides a structured path for those not aiming to fight but also serves as a goal incentive, ensuring everyone can enjoy the full benefits of Muay Thai.

Q: Are there limitations on who can participate in Muay Thai?

A: Generally, anyone is welcome to join our KR Muay Thai community, regardless of age, size, or background. We offer classes tailored to different age groups, including children and specialised ladies-only classes at some locations. While we encourage a diverse group to participate, it’s essential to obtain clearance from a medical practitioner for severe health issues. Our inclusive approach is reflected in the diverse group of individuals training at KR Muay Thai, highlighting the effectiveness of our grading system for self-defense and overall well-being.


Q: Is Muay Thai just for fighters?

A: No, Muay Thai offers more than just combat sports. While we have successfully trained world champions, our primary  focus is on providing a comprehensive experience, including fitness, health, technique, and camaraderie. We have separate classes for those interested in combat sports, ensuring everyone finds their place in our community.

Q: What if I just want to train and not fight?

A: Absolutely! You don’t have to be a fighter or pursue a grading system. At KR Muay Thai, you can join to train and enjoy the authentic Muay Thai experience, guided by trainers with real-world experience in Thailand.

If Muay Thai has been on your mind, remember, it’s not just about fighting; it’s about personal enhancement, fitness, and the joy of learning authentic Muay Thai.

Come join us at KR Muay Thai!